Laugavegur Ultra-Marathon 2010

Ever wonder what a registered dietitian eats after a 4 hour training session?

I must admit: I train hard! I train hard because I like training hard and also because I’m trying to improve myself in the three sports that triathlon consists of; swimming, biking and running.

I’ve been running ever since I stopped playing competitive soccer/football a few years back. I love running and I got some pretty good times in shorter distances such as 10K and half-marathons. My best time in 10K is just over 37 min and 1:26 in half-marathon. Although running is fun and I did fairly well, for some reason I got interested in triathlons. I’ve just started and only participated in shorter distances but I absolutely love it. I love the variety of training session and how I am able to train much more than when I was only running.

Sundays are my hardest days. I generally start with a 2500m+ swimming. Then I’m off to a 2-2.5 hours of biking, either indoors or outdoors. After that, I run 4-5K at a rather slow but steady pace (4:30-4:50 min/km). All of this takes about 3.5-4 hours of activity.

So what does a registered dietitian eat after a workout this long? Obviously I do eat also while I’m on the bike but many people have asked me what I eat after a long workout. This last Sunday my “recovery meal” looked like this:

  1. Banana(s)
  2. One Icelandic flat-bread (what is that?) with salmon (Omega-3s for anti-inflammation)
  3. One scoop NOW Sports protein, mixed with water (for general recovery)
  4. One small scoop NOW Sports electro-endurance, mixed with nr. 3 above (for muscle recovery)
  5. Two tablets branched chain amino acids (BCAA; geared towards recovery of large muscle groups such as thighs and hamstrings)
  6. Plenty of water and Gatorade (hydration balance)
  7. 200ml of cold pressed beetroot juice for recycling of waste (why in the world?)

IĀ  eat while I stretch and then it’s the hot and “cold” tub (for anti-inflammation purpose). Once I’m back home I eat a regular well balanced meal.

Plenty of energy spent – plenty to eat! šŸ™‚

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  1. Chloe Vincent

    so as a dietician you eat powders, sports drinks and tablets??

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