My name is Steinar B. Adalbjornsson [Stain-R]. I am an Icelandic nutritionist, registered dietitian from the US (studied at Auburn and UAB), author and health activist.

I have devoted much of my free time to communication of information on healthy lifestyle especially healthy eating and non-extreme approach to food.

I appear regularly on radio, TV, in newspapers and other media in Iceland. I consider myself an advocate of healthy approach to food and dietary habits and I have regularly pointed out how some Icelandic companies have marketed food products in a misleading way. I have also, through lobbying, helped grocery stores in Iceland understand the value of food labeling beyond what the legal frame requires. One of such projects was to label, around all candy aisles in grocery stores, suitable servings of candy for different members of the Icelandic population.

I have also criticized the commercialism of new dietary approaches such the Atkins diet, The Paleo diet, the Low carb, high fat diet and how every single of such dietary approaches are marketed as suitable for everyone regardless of individual differences.

Other work includes lobbying to convince grocery stores to label energy drinks high in caffeine with a warning label, articles and interviews in national media how to approach the sensitive issue of parental responsibility in overweight and obese children and teenagers, and interviews on national media on how food industry needs to assist the consumers when it comes to choosing good, nutrition food and how every company should be operated with values of social responsibility, to name just some of my work.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at steinarb70@gmail.com.

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