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Decision on an Ironman | Copenhagen 2015

Finally, the decision has been taken – I guess mostly because I, like so many others involved in sports, always have to find new challenges. I‘m sure you understand what I´m talking about, 5K run is enough challenges at first, but then come 10K, then half a marathon and finally a full marathon…….or even longer than that.

OhhhShoot | decision on an Ironman

What have I gotten myself into | Ironman Copenhagen | Steinar B. Adalbjornsson, MSc, RD | CopyRight Swoosh-R

On my journey to my first Ironman in Copenhagen, August 23rd, 2015, I will make some changes. I have, throughout my life, practice hard, often without logic. As I am not getting any younger, I need to adjust my exercise protocol and perhaps make changes to my dietary habits? As a nutritionist, having been taught that carbohydrates are the key player in sports, it might seem hard for me to adjust my diet towards a lower carbohydrate approach. But in all honesty it isn’t and if you have been reading my blog you can understand why. I truly think that for most, Ironman is a loooooong competition lasting at least 10 hours. During such long competitions, at lower exercise intensity, the body is well capable of using fat at higher levels than during fast paced 10K run.

My guidance in the next year or so will be my team mates at my triathlon club, my coaches and a great book by Joe Friel, “Your best triathlon”. For reward I have allowed myself to continue to go to the greatest relaxing place in Iceland, namely Laugar Spa……. what a great place!

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